Build Your Business... Change Your Life!

by Jen Hickle at Never Alone Coaching

Get organized with a VA!

In the fast-paced world of business, leveraging a virtual assistant can be a game-changer.

However, you can't just hire and throw tasks at the VA and then ghost them.

There are some essential elements to make this partnership successful!

Here are some tips (from years of experience!) to help your VA help YOU get more organized!  

1. Time Management: The Heartbeat of Efficiency

The first rule of the virtual assistant game is mastering time management.
Here's how you can make the clock work in your favor:

  • Set Deadlines: Clearly defined deadlines help create a sense of urgency and keep tasks on track. Whether it's a project milestone or recurring daily work, deadlines set the rhythm for productivity.

  • Prioritize: Make sure your VA knows what is priority and when you want things completed!
  • Track Progress: Utilize tools and strategies to monitor the progress of...

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How to Use a Social Media Marketing VA

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, oh my!
So many options! It's a little overwhelming. 

So how do you leverage social media for your business? And how do you delegate tasks to a Virtual Assistant?

The best advice I was ever given was: choose 2 platforms to start. 

You don't have to be everywhere all at once. (Unless you are uber-famous, and then you'd have the $$ to pay full-time staff to help you!)

Which social media platform are you on the most?
Which one is the easiest for you to post on?

I open Facebook first and check it most frequently every day. But Instagram is a little cozier and more artistic and I enjoy posting on Stories the most.
I don't love posting on TikTok, but I enjoy going on once a day and watching a few videos and consuming content. Same with YouTube. I've created a channel, but I'm more likely to watch videos than create them over there. 


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How will AI affect the VA Industry?

I received a great question via email the other day.
She asked: "I’m curious. how do you feel that AI is changing the freelance workspace, and does your course go over that?
Also, do you feel that Upwork is a good place to start working on some VA skills?"

I believe AI (artificial intelligence) is changing the landscape of business and marketing for sure. 2023 will go down as "The Year of AI." And we are just getting started with all of its capabilities. First it was ChatGPT that took my breath away. Now, AI is being woven into Canva, Kajabi, Facebook, and other tools that business owners use regularly!

Instead of being defeated or discouraged by it ("Will it steal jobs?!? Will it harm our industry??"), we have to choose to use it as a tool.

In the VA Academy, I regularly teach our members how to use ChatGPT to aid in research, create outlines, write captions, and...

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Your Financial Sidekick: When to Hire a Bookkeeper

Hello beautiful creative business owners.

If you're like me, you love color. Creating. People. Concepts. Teaching. Writing. But math just might not be your strong suit.

I have made friends with any number with a dollar sign before it ($$$) and it's important to always have a good grasp on your numbers. But my time is far too valuable to reconcile accounts or put purchases into categories. Bookkeeping is something I can easily outsource while still keeping a good grasp on how much money is coming in, how much is going out, and how much I'm paying for my team.

There are so many numbers to track!

  • Opt-ins
  • Sales
  • Facebook impressions
  • Ad spend
  • Cost of programs
  • Cost of software
  • Upsells
  • Downsells

And as a savvy business owner, I absolutely watch these numbers.

But handling all the nitty-gritty details? No thanks!

So when is it the right time to hire a bookkeeper? 
Here are some...

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Which Computer Should I buy for my Virtual Assistant Business?

(This is a post by my husband, Chris, the computer guru!)

When I am looking for a new computer, there are a few specs that matter and there are some that are just preferences.

The first question that you have to answer is: Do you want a laptop or a desktop?

Jen uses her laptop exclusively so she can move around and work wherever she needs to.
I like having a laptop, but I sit at my desk 90% of the time and have it hooked up to a keyboard and mouse and 2 external screens.

If you are planning on always sitting at your desk, a desktop will work for you and typically will be cheaper than a laptop. If you want/need the flexibility to move around or work in other places, then you will need to get a laptop.

The options below that I always look for are the same no matter if you are looking for a laptop or a desktop.

At the very bottom of this article, I will show you the setup that...

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What does a General Admin VA do?

I owned a music school for 25 years. I loved it! But there came a time when I was expanding, hiring more teachers, adding programs, AND juggling a home and family when I just couldn't do it all anymore. 

Hiring my first VA was like the heavens opened and the angels sang. She was so level-headed, calm, and organized. She enrolled more students than I could on my own! She caught mistakes in the database and fixed them. She was a lifesaver.

We all know that we are different. Each of us has our unique strengths and abilities. But when it comes to business owners, sometimes we pride ourselves on doing it all. But it's just not sustainable in the long run! You can't keep your eye on the big picture AND all the details. You'll run yourself ragged.

Hiring a VA can be the lifesaver that literally changes your life!

What is a General Admin VA?

A General Admin VA is a person...

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