Who else wants to make money from home with just a phone and a laptop??

(Even if you homeschool?)

With a Virtual Assistant business, you can:

‚ústGet¬†clients who¬†love and appreciate¬†what you do for them

‚ústConfidently¬†set¬†your prices and charge what you are worth

‚ústGet certified as a VA and listed on the VA Directory so you can fill up your hours quickly!¬†


... WITHOUT an expensive degree and WITHOUT bugging friends and family to buy from you!

‚úď Lose That Stubborn Weight,
‚úď Get Over Those Mood Swings
‚úď & Take Charge of Your Life...
... WITHOUT Falling for The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?

Hi, I'm Jen Hickle, and like you, I know what it's like to feel desperate to help my family, pay off debt, and use my skills to help others.

There is a way!

Even if you homeschool!

Here's how...


Don't let your desire to be home for your family stop you from starting a business.

You can do both!

Would you like to:

‚ěĒ Make money without leaving the house?¬†¬†

‚ěĒ¬†Make recurring income without constantly chasing down clients?

‚ěĒ And¬†CHANGE your family's financial future?


If you answered YES, then you're in the right place!

I've been working from home while homeschooling for over 20 years. 

I love geeking out about all things business, marketing, and technology, and I LOVE helping people succeed in business.

Now that my kids are all graduating and starting their own families, I've dedicated my life to helping other moms make money from home with a Virtual Assistant business!

But HOW is it possible to make legit money with just a laptop and phone?!


Actually, it's a lot easier than you think!


If you can set aside 5-10 hours a week to complete the VA Academy course, complete the VA Challenges laid out for you, and follow the roadmap... then you'll get results!
(And paying clients!)

This course is different from programs out there.
That's because we designed it more like a homeschooling course. 
It's 100% self-paced, and you can choose the assignments that you complete, but you also get support and feedback as you work through the modules.
Our team is always available to answer any questions you have along the way!

What's included:

Private coaching

You get 3 one-on-one strategy calls to help you map out your next steps based on your strengths and personality.

Scripts and templates

Swipe files to use as your own- everything from the services you can offer to what you can say to prospective clients.

24/7 Support

Our team members and veteran VAs are ready to help you solve problems and support you as you build your business and serve your clients.

A Roadmap

No more hoping or guessing. Just follow the steps laid out in the program and you'll learn VA skills AND get clients in just a few months. 

Self-Paced Videos

Whether you have grown kids, teens, or toddlers, you can study and work at your own pace. You're in charge and you don't have to neglect your family in the process.

No pushy sales

We'll show you how to get the word out about your business but you don't have to be annoying, pushy, or salesy. Business owners are looking for a VA. You just have to let them know you can help!

Want to know why a VA business is better than most of the other side hustles out there?

Why most MLMs don't work:

‚ěĒ¬†You are at the mercy of the¬†company you represent. You don't get to¬†set¬†your own prices. And if the company changes the product or the prices, you have no control over it.

‚ěĒ¬†Your network of friends and family may already be saturated with others selling the same thing. <Cringe.> That's awkward. And discouraging.

‚ěĒ¬†The compensation plan is tiered so whoever gets in earliest will be successful, but you may never reap the rewards after years of effort (while those at the top do).

‚ěĒ¬†You have to force yourself to be more extroverted than you want to. It's exhausting and you'd rather work behind a computer than go live on Facebook or put yourself out there in a big way.

A Virtual Assistant business gives 
amazing results because:

‚ěĒ¬†You are completely in control of¬†which services you offer and¬† how much you charge! (And you can raise your prices at any time!)

‚ěĒ¬†You only need 3-4 clients to make $4,000 - $5,000 a month! No need to keep making sales again and again.¬†

‚ěĒ¬†You're selling¬†your time, not products. Time is a renewable commodity and you can hire your kids or other VAs and delegate work to multiply your time, too!

‚ěĒ¬†Small business owners NEED a Virtual Assistant! They are drowning in details, numbers, spreadsheets, creating content, and maintaining what they have built. They are desperate for a VA who¬†is organized, strategic, creative, and logical. They NEED you and they have money to invest in your services!

3 common MYTHS that
may keep you  from starting a business

(or trying another one)

To be successful, you will have to ignore your kids and neglect your marriage.

As a 1099 contractor, YOU are in control of your schedule and your hours. Your kids, marriage, and family can still come first. You can work around when they need you!

You have to be a workaholic to make good money in your business.

Working hard isn't the solution. Working strategically with a proven plan is what helps small businesses succeed. You don't know what you don't know. That's why business coaches and courses are so valuable! You get to learn tips and tricks from those who have gone before you, saving you time and frustration.

You have to be pushy and salesy and bug people to make money.

You don't have to be annoying to find clients as a VA! If you show up authentically and are willing to help and serve business owners, the right people (who need you!) will find you. 

Imagine what it will feel like to make recurring monthly income as a successful Virtual Assistant:

  • Your stress will go down now that there is extra money in the bank account.
  • Your energy levels¬†will go UP as you dive into learning new skills and technology!
  • You'll¬†enjoy deeper friendships¬†when you get connected with other Christian women who want to help their families financially, like you do.
  • You will¬†quickly and naturally¬†pick up new skills because you're wired for this!
  • You'll be amazed that you actually get PAID to do this because you enjoy it so much!
  • Your¬†confidence and self-esteem¬†will soar as you realize¬†that you can¬†help your clients AND¬†improve your family's financial situation!

What would it be worth to you to own a profitable VA business,
love what you do,
and get to experience joyful clients
who appreciate you??

Here's what it's meant to others...

Arely Salgado

"I love, love, love being part of the VA Academy! 10/10 recommend if you‚Äôre looking for a way to generate income while still being able to be present for your family!‚ÄĚ


Madeline Hickle

“I never thought I would enjoy what I do for work. I always thought I had to put my head down and do a 9-5 office job. Now I can be at home with my baby and do what I love for work. It’s a dream come true to get paid to do what I am passionate about. It doesn’t feel like I’m working when I’m creating & brainstorming ideas."


A'lyce Eastin

‚ÄúTHANK YOU! I appreciate all that goes into the program as a whole, and all the details that come with it.¬†The encouragement is fantastic and I love that I have learned so much about my strengths and how I function.‚ÄĚ


Sarah Cook

‚ÄúI am so grateful for the VA Academy. I feel empowered and equipped to use my new skills and shine more in existing ones! Everyone is full of grace and patience. Very knowledgeable with tech stuff.¬† I already have passed along the info to other women that are in financial strains and who don't want to work outside the home.‚ÄĚ

After just a few months in the VA Academy, you will: 

  • Confidently own a VA business that¬†is set up legal and profitable, wherever you live.
  • Work when you want to! Set your own hours around your family's needs.
  • Serve clients who¬†gratefully shower you with praise because YOU are an answer to prayer for them!
  • Be more available for your family. No need to "go" to work and peel crying kids off of your leg.
  • Have¬†the freedom to¬†work from anywhere! Home, outside, the library, on the road, or in the car!

Let's take a look at what's inside the Academy:

Module 1:

Set up marketing for your VA business

This training is an overview so you know exactly what you'll need to get new clients!

Module 2:

How to start your VA business legally

How to register your business with your state (or province), set up payments for taxes, and determine if you need business insurance.

Module 3:

VA panel: FAQs

Favorite methods of communication with clients, how to invoice for your hours if the project goes over the budgeted time, when to charge a flat rate for services, and how to deal with difficult clients, all answered by other veteran VAs!

Module 4:

How to help "hot mess" clients with a million ideas

How to help them map out a plan, stay on track, how to set up boundaries, and how to be a safe place for them to land.

Module 5:

Don't sell yourself! Sell your value.

How to promote your value, solve problems, and serve your clients best. How to focus on serving, not selling. 

Module 6:

How to choose a business name

How to select a business name that reflects who you are, what you do, and is attractive to your clients. Learn how to choose a name that can morph and change with your business.

Module 7:

How to set up a domain for your website and a matching email address

We make the complicated simple. Learn the exact steps to get up and running quickly-- and pass the knowledge on to clients when they need the same help!

Module 8:

How to sell your services

The exact phone scripts to use so you don't feel salesy when talking to a new client, fill-in-the-blank email templates for writing proposals and contracts, and how to follow up without being annoying.

Here's what you get in the VA Academy:

  • 3 private coaching¬†calls with Jen. Schedule when you need them around your busy life!
  • Email¬†support with our team for any questions that arise
  • Live group Zoom calls- come when you can or watch the recording!
  • 24/7 support in our encouraging¬†Facebook group, including help from veteran VAs who love helping out!
  • On-demand learning-- watch the videos and go at your own pace!
  • Earn¬†a listing on our¬†VA Directory so clients can find you!
  • Earn a certification¬†to¬†verify your skills and¬†earn¬†the trust of your clients.
  • Get access to advanced curriculum after you're certified! (SEO, web development, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.)
  • Encouraging motivation EVERY step of the way!¬†

Enrollment for the VA Academy is currently closed. 

Get on the Waiting List!

The VA Academy guides you on a journey to learn the skills that you need to be a successful Virtual Assistant, while also helping you set up the systems for billing clients and receiving income. All from home-- even if you homeschool!

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