Make recurring income
from home
with a Virtual Assistant business!

(Even if you homeschool!)

The VA Academy shows you exactly how to:

1. Get clients who love and appreciate what you do for them

2. Confidently set your prices and charge what you are worth

3. Get certified as a VA and listed on the VA Directory so you can fill up your hours quickly!

The VA Academy is for you if:

  • You want to own your own business, set your own hours, and serve clients who need you.
  • You want  the freedom to set your own hours, control your schedule, to travel, or be available for your family.
  • You love learning new things and solving problems!
  • You love helping people.
  • You trust God with your life, and don't want to "hustle and grind," like other coaches recommend.

  • You don't want to sell products to friends and family.

  • You don't want to reach out to high school friends, hoping they will order products from you.

  • You LOVE a Challenge!

Hi, I'm Jen Hickle

Like you, I know what it's like to feel desperate to help my family, pay off debt, and use my skills to help others. You don't need to feel helpless. Here's what I want for you...

  • Watch the training videos from any device--at home or on the go.
  • Get community and support 24/7 in the private Facebook group, so you never feel like you're wandering around in the dark.
  • Get listed on the VA Directory and found by business owners who need you!
  • Learn exactly how to build a website that will attract clients who will happily pay for your services.
  • Get certified as a VA and stand out from all the competition!
  • Get 3 private coaching calls to help you build a healthy business that will support your family for years to come. 

I'm Jen Hickle.

I've been homeschooling and working from home for over 20 years. I started the VA Academy in 2019 to help driven and determined moms make money from home (even if they are homeschooling).

Over 120 women have gone through the VA Academy and we currently have over 60 members enrolled!

Members of the Academy get listed on our VA Directory and get hired by business owners all over the United States! We get regular requests for VAs because we have trained and vetted our members.

Our reputation precedes us and business owners know they can trust our VA graduates!

The VA Academy is much more than a course. It's a mentorship program to set up our members for success!

What would it be worth to you to own a profitable VA business, love what you do, and get to experience joyful clients who appreciate you??

Here's what it's meant to others...

In the VA Academy, you'll learn the VA skills that business owners will HAPPILY pay for!

Learn VA skills. Get certified. Get clients. And grow your business!

What you'll learn:

1. How to legally set up your VA business.

2. How to price and sell your services.

3. How to set up your marketing for your business without feeling pushy or salesy.

4. The most common platforms that VAs need to know to be successful:

  • Data entry
  • Website building
  • Graphic design
  • Small business marketing on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Email management
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Read more about the Curriculum

5. How to sell your services and write contracts.

6. How to balance home, work, homeschooling, and other responsibilities.

7. How to build your business around your natural wiring and strengths.

8. How to hire your kids or spouse or other VAs if you want to scale an Agency.

9. After you get on the VA Directory, get access to the advanced concepts in the Agency Program for no extra charge:

  • SEO
  • Google Ads
  • How to build and sell websites
  • And much more!

10. Upgrade to the Agency Mastermind and learn how to hire team members, how to outsource SEO services, and how to sell websites for thousands of dollars!


You'll receive one-on-one coaching to map out your unique strategy for the business you are building.


Learn the exact skills needed to set up your business and become a successful VA, while still being a dedicated homeschool mom!


Meet lifelong friends whose hearts are at home, but who also want to build a business!

Choose a tuition plan:

Pay $250/mo for 6 months of support in the VA Academy
Pay $197/mo 12 months of support in the VA Academy!

What's included:

  • Personalized feedback from our team.
  • Email support.
  • Almost weekly live Zoom calls.
  • Support in our encouraging Facebook group.
  • On-demand curriculum (learn at your own pace).
  • 3 private coaching calls, scheduled when you need them. 


What you get:

  • Earn a listing on our VA Directory so clients can find you!
  • Earn a certification to verify your skills and earn the trust of your clients.
  • Access to the advanced curriculum (Learn SEO, web development, Google Ads and Facebook Ads.)
  • Encouraging motivation EVERY step of the way!

PLUS these bonuses: 

BONUS: How to get clients in just 60 days!
Get the step-by-step guide to attract the right clients quickly! You can easily make back 100% of the tuition for this course! 

BONUS: Storybrand copywriting training 
Learn how to write copy (words) that connects with your client and pulls (not pushes) them to sign up. We used Donald Miller’s Storybrand method, which is highly sought after by small business owners!
Get on the waiting list!

Learn the in-demand skills that clients will happily pay for!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the program before your first 30 days are over, you can discontinue your payments for any reason. That means you can enroll today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good!

Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and experience the VA Academy and then...make a life-changing decision using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

There is so much information online that it is time-consuming and overwhelming to sort through all of it! The VA Academy guides you step-by-step so you aren't wasting any time. Our community gives you 24/7 encouraging support, so you aren't alone on an island figuring it out alone. And, best of all, we promote your services so you will get clients FASTER than if you try to do it alone. 

Plan on working on your VA business for about 5-10 hours per week. After you work through the lessons, you'll shift your learning time into working time as you get clients. As you work through the program, you'll figure out how to make this work with your schedule and your family, which is great preparation for working with your clients!

YES! The VA Academy will help you tighten up your systems so you can make more money in less time. You'll learn how to sell recurring packages at a flat rate and how to outsource work so you can add more clients without working more hours. You'll also learn more in-demand skills that business owners will happily pay for! You'll get recommended to clients and get a listing on the VA Directory!

VAs can charge between $25-$100 per hour, depending on your skills and abilities. The more specialized you are, the more you can charge.

Homeschooling already gives you so much freedom! You aren't bound by the school or bus schedule. You can be available for your kids when YOU choose. Being a virtual assistant means YOU choose when you work and which tasks you do for your clients. YOU are in control of your daily and weekly schedule! 

In the Academy, you'll learn HOW to get clients on your own, using networking, your website, and social media. You will also be matched to clients after you finish your VA Certification!

Usually service-based businesses need to hire a VA. They are busy doing the work of the business: they are seeing patients, clients, teaching, coaching, etc. They don't have time for bookkeeping, admin, social media, creating graphics, or editing their website. They need an assistant for data entry, spreadsheet management, emailing clients, or getting tasks done. That's why they will hire YOU!

No, this is not an MLM or a networking marketing program. We do not take a percentage or cut of any of your profits. You are creating your own business as an independent contractor.

You will need internet, a laptop, a smartphone, and a place to work. This can be in your bedroom, dining room, or in a spare bedroom. Even on your couch if you're comfortable! Most software or apps are free to start. You may want headphones or a nice chair eventually. You may already have everything you need to begin!

As with any business, there are tools you can invest in to make your life easier. But nothing is required to begin. You can build your website for free and website hosting is very inexpensive (around $5/month). As you grow, you can choose to invest in the Pro version of software, but nothing is required at first!

You will need to spend about $75 in start-up costs to complete the personality assessments, so we can match you with the best clients!

Yes! Absolutely. We have members in Canada and Mexico. We will work with you to ensure that you are set up legally and correctly for where you live. 

No, we do not. You are an independent business. We make money from the tuition from the Academy. We are not an agency and we are not in the middle between you and your clients.

Yes. You can work as quickly as you want to because you get all the trainings as soon as you enroll. You will not be held back or feel behind. Everyone works at their own pace!

After you are certified, you'll get access to the Agency Program materials to learn how to scale and grow even more.

Growing a business takes time. You can acquire a few clients very quickly, to make $1000 - 3000 per month. But getting to $5000 or more takes time. Time to learn the skills, grow your packages, and find clients. This may or may not be the best solution if you are in a desperate situation.

Yes! All of our trainings are on video and you can watch when it works for you! All of our live sessions are recorded and you can watch on your own time! Many members are working another job while they are starting their business.

YES! The best tools will help you build your business in the best way! You can use a desktop computer, but a laptop will give you the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere! Having a Smartphone is essential, too! If you don't have a laptop, either a Mac or PC will work. You don't have to break the bank- get a laptop for about $400-500. Almost all of your work will be online so make sure you have good internet!

What sets the VA Academy apart is the personalized coaching. Most programs are a "membership," like Netflix, where you work through an overwhelming vault of information on your own. We use a Roadmap, so you know exactly what to do next. You also get private coaching sessions (which most programs do not offer to VAs) which tailors the whole experience to YOUR strengths, personality, and background. You will feel cared for and supported in a very encouraging environment!

Yes! Being a VA isn't about fitting yourself into a box. It's about building a box around your life! You can work when the baby sleeps, when Grandma has the toddler, in the middle of the night, on weekends, or whenever you have a little bit of extra time. If you know you need to do SOMETHING alongside being a mom, you probably love a challenge and love learning. This program and being a VA is a great option. You can keep learning and growing as your kids get older. And you can research while they play, nurse, or nap.

You don't have to use social media, but MUCH of our training utilizes the tools of Facebook and Instagram for both you and your clients. You can modify the plan for yourself, but be aware that we do believe that there are many benefits to using social media for marketing and connection!

YOU get to decide! There is complete freedom and flexibility when you own a VA business. You set the hours, you set the rates, you choose your clients, and you choose your services. 

In the VA Academy, you'll get help determining which services you should offer and how to set your rates so you're not just guessing.

You can work in the morning, at night, or even on the weekends! It's completely up to you.

You do have to be disciplined to own a business like this! You have to be self-motivated and organized to make it happen.

Can teens and young adults sign up for the VA Academy?

Yes! Motivated, mature, and responsible teens, ideally ages 16-19, are welcome to join our program! We have had many homeschool graduates join our program and succeed! NOTE: They must want to do this, be self-motivated, and enjoy being around adults!

"Never Alone understands the challenges of being a homeschooling mom, wife, and business owner while giving me practical skills and tools to grow my business."

Alison Penner
Virtual Assistant, homeschool mom

"Thank you for offering such a valuable product to stay-at-home moms. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I'm gaining that will further my business ventures!"

Kelly Brown
Virtual Assistant

"Absolutely the best career coaching I've had so far!
I CANNOT recommend investing in this course enough, I promise you won't regret it!"

Marta Notarianni
Virtual Assistant

"After only 2 coaching sessions with Jen, she very quickly helped me narrow down my niche. She immediately recognized my strengths and how I should map out my next steps. Jen’s energy is beyond explainable. Speaking with her made me feel that I can reach all my goals!"

Anna Glotsky
Virtual Assistant

"Jen is great on the coaching calls and very knowledgeable and encouraging!"

Lindsey Lehr
VA, homeschool mom

Build Your VA Business.
Change Your Life!

Take the Mini-Course and learn the exact steps to starting your VA business!

You'll get all the info you need to start your VA business! When the VA Academy opens for enrollment (usually January, March, May, and September) you can join, get certified, get on the Directory, and get matched with clients!

Enrollment opens a few times a year!

Join the wait list to be notified when the doors open again!

Personalized support unlike anywhere else.

The VA Academy guides you on a journey to learn the skills that you need to be a successful Virtual Assistant, while also helping you set up the systems for billing clients and receiving income. All from home-- even if you homeschool!

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