The Never Alone Inner Circle Program

The Never Alone Inner Circle gives Focus, Strategy and Support for the busy, creative, local business owner!
Uniquely designed with YOU in mind.
A supportive community and the strategy that works for YOUR life and YOUR personality.

Inner Circle Activator's Program ($197/mo):

  • One Focus Topic per month with QuickSteps to keep you focused and productive.
  • One Strategy Zoom call per month, to answer the questions from the month.
  • Two small group mastermind Zoom calls, to keep you focused and connected to other business owners.
  • Access to our most popular courses on Marketing, Social Media Success, and setting up Systems for Sanity.
  • Plus the Strategic Marketing Biz System- everything you need to do to grow your local business.

The Never Alone Inner Circle Program is here for YOU to grow and succeed in a bigger way. Let's do this. Together.

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The support you need.

Access your classes, videos, and Strategy Zoom calls on any device. Membership is month-to-month and is only $197 per month.

"I've gone through your program twice. I even do the workbook exercises with my kids! ​I tell everyone how amazing you are! You bring out the gold, and are just so real, transparent, and inspirational!"

Kelly Gassler

"There are so many tools out there, but I haven't really found one that resonated with me like your book because very few (none I've found so far) factor in little kids/family as a high priority OR approach it from a Christian perspective. ​The content of the course was excellent. I like how you had it broken down into chunks that made sense. It was a good pace. I loved the videos! And I loved being able to watch them at my own pace, on my own time! Even if they were only 15 min, sometimes I had to sneak them in in 2-3 sittings. I looked forward to the videos. It made me want to meet you in person! This experience has helped me a lot. Your blog posts are excellent, too. I am grateful."

Sarah Bodoh

"Less than a year ago I was stuck in my business. I was so stuck that I often cried and wanted to give up. I knew I needed to change something, but wasn’t sure what. I soon discovered I was doing way too many things in my life, many were time wasters, and I made the decision I was ready to get serious about growing my company. I prayed for the right person who would be able to come into my life, and mentor me, as well as give me valuable tools to get things going in the right direction. Last spring I met with Jen, and she explained she had once been in a similar situation. She shared some things she had done to turn that around and build a successful company. I loved that she was a mom of 4 children like myself, and that by putting the right systems into place, it was possible to do it all! Through the Inner Circle program I have prioritized my time, organized my household, and put specific systems and strategies into place at my insurance agency. Where I once always felt behind, I am now on track and have time to plan for the future of my business. I highly recommend Chris and Jen at Never Alone Services!"

April Ariza
Owner, Oakwood Insurance

Is this your year?

You have waited long enough. Is this your time?

You don't have to guess about marketing anymore.
You don't have to feel alone.
You don't have to keep struggling with disorganization.

The Never Alone Inner Circle Program provides you with:



and Support

that works for your life.


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