Keep Learning. Keep Growing. 

Business growth takes time.

Just like planting a tree, you have to keep watering and patiently wait for the fruit of your efforts.

Business and technology are rapidly changing. Facebook changes all the time. New platforms pop up like dandelions in the spring. Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape rapidly again!

It's hard to keep up!

Stay plugged in and get:

  • Accountability for your goals, so you can keep moving forward!
  • Connection with like-minded business owners who want to also put their family first.
  • Continued guidance as you work with clients and sign new contracts (and new questions pop up)!
  • Access to our "VA Needed" posts for leads who are looking to hire a VA.
  • Monday Marketing images and Canva templates to make your marketing easier and faster!
  • NEW monthly topics to sharpen your skills and keep you on top of the changing trends and algorithms. 
  • Keep your listing on the VA Directory so more clients can find you!

PLUS- new opportunities!

  • Apply for an internship for Never Alone: You'll get the chance to work with our team and learn social media management, Meta scheduling, and advanced Canva skills. Earn a testimonial for your website and get invaluable experience!
  • Apply for a Social Media Spotlight: We love promoting the members of our Directory! Save a spot to be featured on our Facebook and Instagram accounts for exposure to thousands of viewers!
  • Teach a Mentor Session: Apply for the opportunity to host a call and share your knowledge with fellow VAs OR attend the Mentor Sessions to learn from your peers and glean from their wisdom and experience!
  • Speak on our Podcast: Apply for the opportunity to be a guest on our podcast! Use the recording for your own marketing-- embed on your website, send to prospective clients, post it on social media! A recorded podcast is a great tool to help you attract the right clients when you share your heart about your business!

Who should join the Membership?

  • Anyone who wants to keep learning new skills and sharpening their skills.
  • Anyone who has clients but wants to learn more advanced skills and strategies.
  • Anyone who isn't quite done with their Challenges and getting their business launched.
  • Anyone who needs continued support to finish Challenges, secure new clients, and continue growing.
  • Anyone who wants to stay plugged in to the community and encouraging culture of the VA Academy
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to expand into an agency.
  • Anyone who has completed 6 months in the Academy!

How does this work?

  • Membership is month-to-month. No long-term contract. Cancel anytime! 
  • If you cancel and want to rejoin, the doors will re-open a few times per year.
  • Please note: while you are enrolled, you are locked in at this current price. When the doors reopen, if the price has increased, you will enroll at the new price.

Who should join the Mastermind?

There is almost nothing more powerful in business than a Mastermind. When driven business owners come together with the intention to help one another scale and grow, explosive growth happens.
We aren't meant to live in solitude. And yet, it's hard for friends and family to understand what it takes to intentionally grow a solid business.
In the Mastermind, you'll be around people who are in the trenches with you as well as mentors who have gone before. If you're driven and determined to expand, hire team members, and make more money, this is for you.

What will I learn in the Mastermind?

  • How to turn $4K months into $30K months
  • How to raise your prices
  • How to hire team members
  • How to be the leader of your company
  • Advanced Copywriting Concepts
  • How to use AI for your Agency
  • Learn SEO and how to get great results for your clients
  • How to build and sell websites on WordPress
  • How to sell websites for $4K+
  • Google Business Optimization
  • And so much more!

"You will find that there are no limits to what you can accomplish except for the limits you place on your own imagination. And since there are no limits to what you can imagine, there are no limits to what you can achieve."

-Brian Tracy

Choose the best option for you:

VA Academy Membership


per month

  • Keep your listing on the Directory
  • Get promoted to clients
  • Get continued support in our helpful community
  • Continue growing and learning 
  • Receive support and accountability

The Agency Mastermind


per month

  • Keep your listing on the Directory
  • Get promoted to clients
  • Get continued support in our helpful community
  • Continue growing and learning 
  • Receive support and accountability
  • Mastermind sessions with only Accelerator Members
  • More access to Chris, his knowledge, and his guidance
  • Ideal for anyone wanting to build an online marketing agency!

Keep Learning.

Keep Growing.

And stay connected!



"Working with Jen means having an encourager on your side whose creativity is harnessed for YOU!
I tried to hustle on my own, but got nowhere. After only a couple weeks with Jen, I had results! Paying results!
Any time I feel like I'm stuck, being on one of her calls is like this magic elixir. 
She doesn't even have to give me specific advice, but I start having momentum again!"


"Absolutely the best career coaching I’ve had so far! Jen Hickle is extremely modest, but her course itself (coupled with her nearly weekly live group meetings) has set the bar for me! Not to mention her spirit is just something you don’t see in this business. I’ve not only grown my skills, but I’ve grown as a person because of her.
I CANNOT recommend investing in this program enough. I promise you won’t regret it!"


"There is so much valuable information and tools that I learn and continue to learn. Everyone is very friendly and encouraging. It is nice to feel supported and celebrated. It is nice to feel like you are part if a team, yet are doing your own thing while you learn from and encourage others. Thanks so much for running this business! It is exactly what my family needs!”


"After working with Jen and Never Alone Coaching, I feel more confident in the decisions that I need to make as a business owner. I also feel that I'm part of a community that supports me and encourages me, making a difference in my perspective.
Before this program, I struggled with having someone who I can trust to share my dreams and questions. 
I also didn't have someone who truly understood my vision to keep me accountable.
Now I feel more encouraged and have a clear vision. More confident!
What's helped me is being active in the meetings, participating in the activities, doing the trainings, establishing goals, and making a plan for how to reach them.
This program makes totally a difference in how you see things and your mindset. Some things that I didn't see myself doing I'm actually doing right now! It's always good to have someone that sees and believes in you."

Keep your momentum.

Keep growing!


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