• How to manage social media for your clients from your kitchen table!
  • The top 5 VA services that are most requested by busy business owners
  • Exactly which VA services to sell that will give you the most income in the least amount of time!
  • What’s in a name? The guide to choosing a name for your business that will pull the right clients to you

  • Website or not? Learn the best marketing plan for a freelancing VA and where to find clients

  • Plug and play: ready-to-use Canva templates to help you promote your VA services! Just plug in your info and go!

In this Mini-Course, you'll learn how to

get clients without selling!

Instead, you'll learn how to:

1. Be real; be you

2. Serve, don't sell

3. Build your business on your strengths

Yes, you can make predictable, recurring income as a VA!

  • Without leaving home
  • Without pressuring family or friends to buy from you
  • Without investing in expensive products that fill your shelves and stress you out
  • Without sending nagging DMs
  • Without constantly chasing down new clients
  • Without finishing an expensive degree



“I never thought I would enjoy what I do for work. I always thought I had to put my head down and do a 9-5 office job. Now I can be at home with my baby and do what I love for work. It’s a dream come true to get paid to do what I am passionate about. It doesn’t feel like I’m working when I’m creating & brainstorming ideas.

-Madeline Hickle

"Absolutely love this program. I’ve wasted so much money on other programs with a bunch of 'fluff.'

Jen teaches skills you actually need while giving amazing support."

-Samantha Slovak

“I am so grateful for the VA Academy. I feel empowered and equipped to use my new skills and shine more in existing ones! Everyone is full of grace and patience. Very knowledgeable with tech stuff.  I already have passed along the info to other women that are in financial strains and who don't want to work outside the home.”

-Sarah Cook

Build your VA business from home.

(Even if you homeschool!)

I'm Jen Hickle. I love business and marketing! I've always been driven and determined. If there is a goal or a challenge, I love tackling it!

I started my first business at age 18, got married at 20, and started having kids soon after. I've always worked from home while homeschooling and raising kids.
I grew my side business to 7-figures, sold it, and then started two more businesses with my husband. (He's my tech hero!)

Over the years, I've won several awards and earned certifications in coaching, business, and marketing. My husband and I own Never Alone Business Services, a marketing agency that has allowed us to hire several of our grown kids!

I'm a nerd at heart. I love my phone and laptop and would much rather be at home with my cats and my grandbaby than at a loud concert!

Most of all, I LOVE helping moms make money from home using their God-given strengths!

Since 2016, we have helped hundreds of women transform their lives and change their future!

"Never Alone Coaching always has your back. Helps with all of the questions you have, gives good advice, and is there for you. God-centered community. I like the atmosphere. Jen is welcoming and simple in communication. She truly wants me to succeed. She gives advice that helps you build your VA business. I love my job as a VA!"

-Alina Cutchi

"I was just looking for a way to supplement my family's income. But I have gained so much more than that! My confidence has soared! You build confidence after you tackle challenge after challenge. Everybody in the Academy cares about each other. There is no competition; we all want each other to succeed."

-Tiffany Jenson

"The positive support and encouragement is the best for me. Thank you so much for the support, all the encouragement and tips are so helpful. I would always recommend Never Alone Coaching for someone trying to start as a VA or someone looking to hire a VA.”

-Helena Thiessen

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“If you’re considering joining the VA Academy, I highly recommend you join sooner rather than later! It’s SO worth it. The VA Academy family is so good at welcoming everyone with open arms, no matter how you’re feeling or where you’re coming from!!”

-Rachel Broadbent

"I love, love, love being part of the VA Academy! 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for a way to generate income while still being able to be present for your family!”

-Arely Salgado

“THANK YOU! I appreciate all that goes into the program as a whole, and all the details that come with it. The encouragement is fantastic and I love that I have learned so much about my strengths and how I function.”

-A'lyce Eastin

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